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Registered Psychotherapist (RP) Results - London, Canada

May Al-Fartousi

Trauma reactions are overwhelming, however, the human mind is capable of overcoming all the hardships that life throws at us. I'm here to help with your needs and am committed

London, Ontario, Canada

Mahnoor Ahmed

A bicultural identity allows me to view my clients through a culturally competent and diverse outlook. Being bilingual will give me the ability to communicate with my clients in their native tongue, whether that’s Urdu, Hindi or English. I work with a positive, mindful and compassionate approach. I understand that my clients are not defined by their struggles and together we can work through it all. 

London, Ontario, N6B 2M2, Canada

Seniha Yildiz

I provide an empathic, dedicated, committed and non-judgmental approach.

London, Ontario, Canada

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