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Psychologist Results - Alpharetta, United States Of America

Fatima Wasim

Are you feeling sad or overwhelmed or as if nothing seems to be making you feel better? Is it also hard to see life beyond troubles? And, despite your best efforts it has been hard for you to focus in your personal life, work, and relationships? These are some of the concerns my clients and I have worked on addressing to help improve their quality of life. As your psychologist, I will assist you to achieve your goals and help cultivate meaningful life experiences and relationships. I will empower you to tap into your strengths and resources to gain the confidence and skills to overcome life's challenges and get un-stuck from dysfunctional life patterns. My clients tell me they feel respected and understood because I connect with them through compassionate care. Thank you for visiting, I am here to help!

Alpharetta, Georgia, 30009, United States

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