Palestine Mental Health Response

#ActionForPalestine x Ruh Care

We understand the profound impact the recent traumatic events have had on our mental health, and we are here to offer support, healing, and hope through free therapy sessions.


Anyone impacted by the crisis in Palestine, whether Palestinian or not, anywhere worldwide.

Who are the therapists providing the therapy sessions?

The therapists providing services through the Palestine Mental Health Response Unit are volunteers, generously dedicating their time and expertise to support those affected by the crisis in Palestine.

Disclaimer: Although the Ruh Care Platform is being used to deliver the therapy sessions, the opinions, advice, and counseling provided by the therapists during sessions are their own and do not reflect the views or policies of Ruh. Ruh is a platform that connects therapists with individuals in the community who are facing mental health challenges. Therapists on our platform are responsible for complying with the rules, regulations, and standards of their respective jurisdictions. Ruh is not liable for any therapist or user who does not adhere to the rules and regulations of their own country or jurisdiction. Users are responsible for evaluating therapists and their services. Ruh does not endorse or verify therapist content or advice. We do not provide professional mental health services or advice, and users agree to these terms by using our platform.

What to expect from the therapy session?

Therapy sessions will focus on helping you process trauma, build resilience, and develop coping strategies to manage the impact of the Palestinian crisis on your mental well-being. The free therapy sessions are intended for short-term crisis counselling and not for long-term therapy.

Request a Mental Health professional for an event

If you are a mosque, MSA, school, or any community organization or group, please feel free to fill this event request form here and we can match you with a mental health professional to host a healing circle online or in person worldwide.

Are you a licensed mental health therapist?

If you are looking to volunteer to support the community with your skills and expertise through therapy sessions, support groups, or more, we'd love to invite you to join the Palestine Mental Health Response by filling the short onboarding form here.

Have a question, suggestion, or an idea?

Please feel free to get in touch with us by emailing

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