A thriving community starts with prioritizing mental health

Empower your community to help them feel their best

Existing mental health solutions lack...

Alignment with Islam

If a therapist is ambiguous or speaks against basic Islamic teachings, how can we send clients to them?

We need to maintain the “Muslim” in Muslim mental health


Long waitlists, draining processes, the need to download and fill PDFs manually, the stigma of being seen and lack of transport hindering in-person appointments, and more make accessing care hard

Cultural responsiveness

For therapeutic alliance, it is essential the client feels comfortable with their therapist

“ ...it really caught my eye on their focus on Islamic and culture based therapy...”

The Ruh Care Difference

We are dedicated to delivering exceptional care, aligned with Islamic values, accessible all in one place

Ruh Care is an online therapy platform that connects users to licensed Muslim therapists via chat, phone, and live video chats.

We are an extension of your masjid team

As your mental health experts, we co-create a personalized mental health counselling program based on the masjid’s needs

Care for everyone: Individuals, Couples, Children, Family

Mental health care for the complete spectrum of needs

Languages: English, Arabic, French, Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Creole, and American Sign Language (ASL).

Clients connect comfortably - via chat, phone, or video on their mobile or desktop

Personalized therapist match

Dedicated Client Care team member for every client

Ruh handles the majority of the work, compliance, and liability

What this program can look like for your Masjid...

We become the masjid’s team of mental health experts.

Therapy services for the community and youth

Address the rising mental health issues among the general Muslim community
, with a focus on members who are at higher risk due to financial stress

Help zakat clients become self-sustaining

Provide proactive mental health support to help individuals get back on their feet and reduce pressure on the masjid’s zakat system

Mental health events and workshops

Educating and raising awareness on mental health
, its relevance in Islam (from the Quran & Sunnah), the importance of seeking  professional support, destigmatizing discussions around mental health, & more, both in person or online

We look forward to collaborating to empower your community to feel their best