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A trusted source to help you find verified Muslim Therapists

Browse the (largest insha’Allah) global directory of Muslim Mental Health Care providers to find a therapist aligned with your values. We verify the credential of each therapist on the platform to ensure you get the best mental health care possible. 

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"I was initially not expecting to receive clients through Ruh Care. To my surprise, I was quickly contacted by a client seeking ongoing therapy. Ruh Care is an invaluable resource for connecting Muslim clients with Muslim therapists to receive high-quality care and treatment. I wholeheartedly recommend Ruh Care for anyone seeking therapy or for therapists looking to expand their reach to the larger Muslim community."

Powered by the same team that brought you Ruh App

An Islamic mindfulness and contemplation app that integrates psychology with Islam, designed to help make mental health support accessible to the 1.8 billion people in the global Muslim community experiencing mental health challenges to live happier & more meaningful lives. 

We curate a personalized user experience where users get access to guided contemplation (meditative) exercises, emotion-specific Quranic recitations, calming nature soundscapes, breathing exercises, and much more. 

Our vision is to help improve the mental and spiritual well-being of the world.

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Join the Global Network of Muslim Mental Health care providers, discover new clients, network with peers, and much more. A powerful tool if you are just starting your journey or are several years in. Join the Ruh Care Directory today!

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